Thursday, May 31, 2007

on the whole "johazelwoods" thing

just thought, seeing as I often get asked about it, I'd give an official explanation for the "johazelwoods" thing. When I started out doing internet-y things it became clear that using my real name would be a bad idea a) because of it's ridiculous length, and b) because I don't really want to be stalked and/or killed. So basically it's my internet name, hence has no relation to my actual name (except the jo part, that's the real deal haha), 'but then why', you may ask, 'hazelwoods'? Well, my inquisitive friend, a few years ago, actually quite a few years ago, I found a reference in a book to a poem by W.B. Yeats called "The Song Of The Wandering Aengus" which looked interesting. So I looked it up and, as I had suspected I would, given the context I found it in, I adored it. 'You still haven't explained yourself, moron', I hear you say with mild aggravation. Well, keep your facial features pretty, I'm getting there. The first line of the poem is "I went out to the hazel wood because a fire was in my head," and it grew from there. Oh, and the more exceptional of you may have also come to witness me referred to as "g.i.johazelwoods", which is basically the original with the addition of g.i. (as in g.i.joe). This appeared in my head after I saw G.I. Jane & placed it teary-eyed right into my top ten films list. Awesome movie. So there you have it; the story of the birth and early childhood of johazelwoods and her older, queerer, cousin g.i.johazelwoods.

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