Friday, April 18, 2008

isn't life hilarious?

Well well well!

Methinks it's time for a quick update seeing as things have changed *again* quite significantly, and before exam season. However, it's gonna have to be super-fast because I have an essay to write which I want to get done today and it's already a quarter past five! Right, so the main change is in uni plans-guess who, after all the drama, got accepted into Warwick University? ...that's right, Shell. Haha not really, she had no drama before she got her offer :D so yes, hurrah, I now have a place at an awesome uni on an awesome course, with the added bonus of my soul mate going to the same place. In short, it's so entirely like :O fate! that I'm ashamed at how convinced I now am of fate despite having given it not nearly enough thought. But I'm severely happy anyhow, and all I need now is to actually work and get my required grades haha, so I'm thinking it's essay time. Oh, and it's official, I adore Ani DiFranco. And Belgium is really very pretty, and the people speak embarrassingly perfect English. That's all! Essay time.


Matt Hunt said...

I've no idea because its a right swine reading pale text against that picture.

Not that I've anything against that picture (suddenly a Dudley Moore sketch springs to mind), but reading your posts....

Change of colour...please?

johazelwoods said...

Haha yeah sorry. Playing around with the coloring-is that any better? I find you can read it if you scroll so the text is over the background color as opposed to the photo. Bit of a joke though, apologies.