Monday, August 07, 2006

salve omnis...

Just thought I'd do an 'opening blog' type thing to introduce myself, & explain why I'm doing a blog, & what it's likely to contain. Basically I'm Jo; I'm 15 (at time of writing), I'm a liberal feminist, I recently discovered & have deduced from the fact that I agree with most of their campaigns that, if anything, I'm a democrat. I have the second-hand experience of two divorces through my parents, I have moved house over nine times (including living on Staten Island for a year), and as a result I've been to seven different schools; a pretty crazy childhood, but I don't think I could've asked for a more admonitory, though kind of unavoidably callousing, preporatory period to adult life (not that I'm quite there yet, but I'm on the way, I guess. My, that was some sentence; did you see that?!). I'm a singer-songwriter & guitarist, I love cities, I love languages (especially Latin), & I love people (well, not all people, obviously...but interesting, decent people who I can have real conversations with). I'm half American (Native a while back, apparently.) & half Irish, & I was raised in London until about five years ago.
I have decided to start a blog basically because I love to write, & I have strong opinions on quite a few issues which (you never know) other people might find interesting. I've always written anyway, & if I wasn't raving on in a blog I'd be doing it in my journal so...hell, why not? I know I just spent an entirely narcissistic (I can't believe I spelt that right haha) amount of time describing myself, but I just figured I'd give a background to whatever I might write in here-I can assure you (if there even is or will be a 'you', considering that that insinuates the unlikely future existence of an audience.) that this really won't be just me going on about myself. What it will more likely be is a series of short essay-type rants about issues that I'm interested in, or random little thoughts that appear in my my mind for no reason, or accounts of places I've visited or situations I've found myself in. I'll also (if I manage to find time between my a-levels) try to find an interesting or worth-contemplating fact or statistic & funny or inspirational quote (possibly song lyrics) to put as a post scriptum (though likely not actually scriptum post, but oh well) at the end of each post (just a random idea...don't ask; I don't know), I hope it makes good reading.



Post Scriptum

"In the beginning there was nothing. God said, 'Let there be light!' And there was light. There was still nothing, but you could see it a whole lot better."-Ellen Degeneres

According to research carried out by Stonewall, gay people and their lives are five times more likely to be portrayed in negative than positive terms on the BBC.

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